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Whispers is a sonnet, written back in the day. I had to edit it slightly.

In moons of lucid dreams, and seas of silver sound
We whisper our love like trembling buds and leaves.
Your whispers paint my skies; your words do shape my ground.
In dreams your merest speech, my heart with joy receives.

The angular embrace, which undulates in each
Sweet syllable prnounced, caresses what nought can
Touch, even if one tried. No skillful hand nor speech
Might forge these airy bonds like, Sweetest, your voice can.

Your dulcit voice does bow my soul until I chime
The truth of yours and mine: a ring of pealing chords.
Your Rs the rolling strike, your vow'ls a gentle prime.
The trembling of your lips, appeals to all my thoughts.

Yet why should I sing praise, when in each noise you breathe,
You hiss a song far more enchanting through your teeth.