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This is a sonnet, written back in the day.

They shape words of kindness, of love and truth they speak;
Openly the secrets, that you meant to unlock;
Locks of thoughtful portals, which mind and soul shall seek.
Will these doors be opened, before I reach and knock?

When your lips brush my skin, they touch me ev'rywhere.
They gently break my mind and warmly melt my blood,
Which yearns to flow towards, where they enact their good.
But then they do meet mine: One shameless kiss to share.

More tender than fine silk and smoother still than air,
As strong as just the soul can be, which gives them will:
The sweet curve of your smile, so beautiful and fair,
The hot, determined crush in love's most passioned thrill.

Yet while I speak those words, I know they must but fail:
All worlds could never tell their universe's tail.