Silver Dreams

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Silver Dreams is a sonnet, that tries to capture the image of a dream, its atmosphere and the taste it left on my mind, when I woke up.

At last the silver dreams - it seems - return.
Alas, shades of betrayal bid fail my light.
The paltry sheen - formerly keen - won't yearn
For life and hope, to strive and cope and fight.

When you were kissed by ghostly mist, you ache with loss.
The image of the one you love does twist away.
You must desist, renounce the triste reflections from across
The veil of dreams, albeit their seams depict a tempting play.

The softest hail, a wistful trail upon my mood,
Does sorely plea for me to see, all which is true:
My shell and soul, my flesh - now coal - you take as food.
I might as well be meal and well to nourish you.

Before the ash of bone and flesh will vanish in the earth,
I greet the pain, indulge the strain to seed in you new birth.