Free Sample Collection

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These samples are almost all in stereo and CD-quality. Recordings include: busrides, walking through streets and buildings and natural backdrops. They should be usable for radioplays, movies and other material. The beginnings and endings of almost all samples will be mucky, since they aren't edited at all. But the main parts should always be fine.

These samles are available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License. I'd still be pleased, if you'd drop me a line, if you want to use one of those.

The recordings were made with a Zoom H4N handheld recorder. It has a stereo built-in microphone, which I have adjsted for most recordings to 120 degree angle between the two mics. The samples were directly dumped to disk afterwards. There is no editing or processing at all. Some may have been normalised, perhaps. :-)

All files are provided in OGG. If you need a flac (free lossless audio compression) file for productions, let me know and I will provide.