Symphony of love illusive

This symphony mostly draws on classical means, with some baroque influences. Even though every movement breaks the classical form it began with, the symphony tells one story.

  1. [Download "Fantasia (Allegro)" OGG] [Download "Fantasia (Allegro)" MP3] The opening movement of the "Symphony of love illusive" introduces the work with a quiet start that opens a movement full of variety and ideas.
  2. [Download "Scherzo (Molto Vivace)" OGG] [Download "Scherzo (Molto Vivace)" MP3] This driven scherzo takes you on a firey gallop, pushing with its relentless counterpunctual lines.
  3. [Download "Lament (Larghetto)" OGG] [Download "Lament (Larghetto)" MP3] Prepare for the baroque impression of this movement, a break from the other movements and a breath of serenity.
  4. [Download "Rondo capriccioso" OGG] [Download "" MP3] The grand finale to the symphony, revisiting motives from the first three movements and adding its own concluding xlimax.

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