Spiral Dreams

"Spiral Dreams" is a soundtrack album by Jeanette C. spanning genres from Berlin school to downbeat to progressive rock. The custom sound design brings together classic analogue with modern electro and even experimental textures. Still, the album lives by its lyrical melodies and addictive chord progressions.

Below you cna download all eight tracks in both OGG and MP3 formats together with the respective M3U playlists.

Tidal wave

Tidal Wave is probably the odd one out, being on the verge between prog rock and prog metal. On the other hand the winding journey that this song tells makes it a perfect companion the other tracks.

[Download "Tidal Wave" MP3 (7.9MB)]
[Download "Tidal Wave" OGG (9.8MB)]

Dark spiral

"Dark Spiral" is the track that inspired the name of the album. It embodies the spirit of the collection by entwining modern electro with metal and soundtrack. From its humble intro it finally develops into the addictive musical spiral taking you ever higher and further.

[Download "Dark Spiral" MP3 (6.7MB)]
[Download "Dark Spiral" OGG (8.0MB)]

Old as the stone

"Old as the stone" takes us back a few decades into the late 70s and early 80s with its stomping rhythm and analogue goodness. It might just as well be the soundtrack to a steam punk film.

[Download "Old as the Stone" MP3 (6.2MB)]
[Download "Old as the Stone" OGG (7.4MB)]


The Heroine of this story has a long way to go from her claustrophobic prison through wonderous, airy realms and mighty mountains to the palace of shining glory. Her development is supported by electronic and acoustic soundscapes, as tender and subtle as piano and theremin like timbres or as brash as bring strings and powerful synth bass.

[Download "Heroine" MP3 (7.4MB)]
[Download "Heroine" OGG (8.3MB)]

Rainbow dream

"Rainbow dream" is Jeanette's hommage to the heroes of Berlin school synth music. A bow to Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and others. You will find familiar sounds and elements from these artists all carrying the long winding melodies.

[Download "Rainbow dream" MP3 (4.9MB)]
[Download "Rainbow dream" OGG (6.2MB)]

From the starlight

"From the starlight" is more of a live improvisation with malice aforethought. :) Not dissimilar to the approach of synth pioneer Vangelis. It brings together old and new instruments in harmony.

[Download "From the Starlight" mp3 (4.5MB)]
[Download "From the Starlight" (5.7MB)]

When everything's been said

"When everything's been said" marks the beginning of this journey's last leg. The sound is more modern and downtempo. This sad introspection brings together meloancholic synth textures with a performance on a Rav drum, a tongue drum instrument.

[Download "When everything's been said" MP3 (7.1MB)]
[Download "When everything's been said" OGG (8.5MB)]

Water colour sky

Journey's end in the "Water colour sky", which is made from dreamy stuff. Surreal sounds, lingering textures and drops disappearing into nothingness. One last very deep dive into your imagination before the return to earth.

[Download "Water Colour Sky" MP3 (7.1MB)]
[Download "Water Colour Sky" OGG (8.9MB)]


Download the playlist for the OGG version or the playlist for the MP3 version of Spiral dreams. In most cases you won't need it, since the tracks are fully tagged and the filenames begin with the tracknumber.