Mythical Features

"Mythical Features" is an album by Jeanette C. celebrating the music of years gone by. From funny funk to jazz funk, to big band, psychedelic dream rock and prog ballads it covers it all in a journey of ten songs. Mythical Features was released in December of 2020.


  1. A bite of fun(k)
  2. G and E's night out
  3. Dragonride
  4. The attic
  5. Edgar and the fog
  6. Just missed 7th heaven
  7. Alisons Lied
  8. I call to thee, dear Johann Bach
  9. Sirenes of sorrow
  10. Endless

A bite of fun(k)

Imagine a piece of late 70s funk would mate with the soundtrack to a very annoying TV cartoon, then you might have an idea what A bite of fun(k) sounds like. A compulsory recording against better judgement, but fun nonetheless.
Links: [Download "A bite of fun(k)" MP3 (3.2M)] [Download "A bite of fun(k)" OGG (3.1M)]

G and E's night out

The G and E in this case are the composers Gioachino Rossini and Edvard Grieg. This disco hommage to both of them picks up on Grieg's piano concerto in A minor and Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle. Maybe, if they'd had a disco fever night out in the 70s, they would have danced to that.
Links: [Download "G and E\s night out" MP3 (1.9M)] [Download "G and E's night out" OGG (1.8M)]


This compact jazz rock track obviously celebrates Herbie Hancock's Chameleon, but less apparent it takes spirit from jazz saxophonist Eddie Harris' 1975 album "I need some money", a happy, funky and laid back work made for cozy adventures in your armchair.
Links: [Download "Dragonride" MP3 (4.1M)] [Download "Dragonride" OGG (4.2M)]

The attic

The motif was discovered in the virtual attic of a forgotten archive and then recorded on a late night with only childhood memories for company. So wrap up on the warm Rhodes electric piano and listen to the Mellotron flute's fairytale for the night.
Links: [Download "The attic" MP3 (3.0M)] [Download "The attic" OGG (2.9M)]

Edgar and the fog

Greet Edgar Wallace, the old master of mystery and crime. This big band piece could very well be the soundtrack to one of his crimes, hidden in the English fog. Maybe The Squeaker is back in town for more nefarious murders.
Links: [Download "Edgar and the fog" MP3 (3.9M)] [Download "Edgar and the fog" OGG (3.8M)]

Just missed 7th heaven

A very dreamy, psychedelic post-rock track inspired by Texan band Explosions In The Sky. The title alludes to both its gentle mood and pace and the fact that it is set a in 7/8 rhythm.
Links: [Download "Just missed 7th heaven" MP3 (8.3M)] [Download "Just missed 7th heaven" OGG (7.6M)]

Alisons Lied

Alisons Lied (Engl. Alison's Song) is written for Jeanette's dear friend, and one time patron, Alison, who helped welcome a new synthesizer into Jeanette's family of instruments. Thus, except for the drums, every sound in this ballad comes from the Behringer Neutron. As the title suggests, the song does take inspiration from "Solveig's song" from Grieg's Peer Gynt suite.
Links: [Download "Alisons Lied" MP3 (3.2M)] [Download "Alisons Lied" OGG (3.2M)]

I call to thee, dear Johann Bach

This progrock interpretation of J.S. Bach's organ prelude "Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ" lovingly celebrates the sweet sadness of the melody as well as the heavy darkness of its relentless bassline in all its glory.
Links: [Download "I call to thee, dear Johann Bach" MP3 (5.1M)] [Download "I call to thee, dear Johann Bach" OGG (5.0M)]

Sirenes of sorrow

The title tells you all you need to know about this instrumental ballad that balances between synth music and progressive rock. The mostly baroque harmonies paint a simple picture of misery: unadorned and to the point.
Links: [Download "Sirenes of sorrow" MP3 (4.8M)] [Download "Sirenes of sorrow" OGG (5.0M)]


Finally, a lighter note to end the album. A synth improvisation based on two rich sequences, meandering between Berlin school synth music and a film score with its expressive melodic improvisation atop the "endless" bed of chords.
Links: [Download "Endless" MP3 (6.2M)] [Download "Endless" OGG (6.3M)]

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