In the height of the moment

In the height of the moment is an instrumental album by Jeanette C. spanning several genres, but tending towards soundtrack and orchestral music. Its tracks span more than a decade of recording, offering a good context for several unreleased pieces.

  1. [Download "Ibunt ad astra" OGG] [Download "Ibunt ad astra" MP3] Written and recorded well before 2010, it was intended as a title theme for a "science fiction in space" series.
  2. [Download "With an aching heart" OGG] [Download "With an aching heart" MP3] The title says it all, a piano piece expressing an emotion.
  3. [Download "Interstellar gulf" OGG] [Download "Interstellar gulf" MP3] More incidental music for the space faring.
  4. [Download "Torn" OGG] [Download "Torn" MP3] Birthed as an introduction to a longer tune, this semi-orchestral piece ended up by itself.
  5. [Download "The apprentice - hard studies" OGG] [Download "The apprentice - hard studies" MP3] From SciFi top fantasy, namely wizards in a computer game, this is another idea that didn't make it into the real world.
  6. [Download "Observation P" OGG] [Download "Observation P" MP3] This very short scenic impression was jeanette's entry into a competition: music to be composed to a photo.
  7. [Download "Operation P" OGG] [Download "Operation P" MP3] From the above mentioned competition and the minimal impression, this hypothetical main title was spawned.
  8. [Download "O Tannenbaum" OGG] [Download "O Tannenbaum" MP3] The well-known German carol has potential lure even for those not overly enthused by xmas. Set it into a minor key and arrange it for organ and orchestra and you have a completely different song.
  9. [Download "See the conquering hero" OGG] [Download "See the conquering hero" MP3] Handel's melody is also known as an xmas hymn. This orchestration was recorded around 2005 and lost back down the sofa.
  10. [Download "Quaint and picturesque" OGG] [Download "Quaint and picturesque" MP3] A piano portrait of a perfect Yorkshire morning, sun slanting in through the french windows and the cat asleep on the piano stool. How much more quaint and picturesque can it be?
  11. [Download "Wind of sorrow" OGG] [Download "Wind of sorrow" MP3] A sombre piano improvisation picking up on a depressive mood.
  12. [Download "Cloud burst" OGG] [Download "Cloud burst" MP3] No relation to Eric Whitacre's gorgeous music. But rather a halfway abstract accompaniment to sunlight bursting through passing clouds.
  13. [Download "Lip of reality" OGG] [Download "Lip of reality" MP3] Inspired by Henry Rider Haggard's novel "She". There is a description of a cave with a depthless abyss.
  14. [Download "Dark dreams" OGG] [Download "Dark dreams" MP3] Incidental music to a mystery: dark, obscure, but definitely within the mundane everyday world.

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