The Erfurt Sketches 2 (City of ...)

The Erfurt Sketches 2 (City of ...) is an album inspired by Jeanette's visit to Erfurt, in autumn of 2018. Each song marks a scene or impression from these three days. Ideally placed on the Krämerbrücke she could breathe the very special atmosphere of this beautiful city.

This album spans the genres of jazz, chanson and musique de meublement (furniture music), as Erik Satie called it.

The album is divided into two parts: the first four tracks capture impressions from sceneries and events of that visit, they strike a light-hearted, playful note, whereas the second half is dedicated to one special person and an introspection. These four songs go much deeper and tell of a darker, sadder place.


  1. The Lutherstiege is just two narrow flights of stairs that go down the the river Gera from the Krämerbrücke (the bridge). They are flanked by houses on both sides and pretty unobtrusive, which is reflected in the music.
    Links: [Download "Lutherstiege" MP3 (6.2M) [Download "Lutherstiege" OGG (6.3M) [Download "Lutherstiege" FLAC (37M)
  2. There is a cozy spice merchant on the bridge, straight across the pottery. The proprietor of this fragrant paradise is known as Roonie to his friends. This little impression tries to capture the enticing atmosphere in these earth-bound surroundings.
    Links: [Download "Roonie Spice" MP3 (4.6M) [Download "Roonie Spice" OGG (4.7M) [Download "Roonie Spice" FLAC (27M)
  3. The Holger-Arndt-Connexion is a household name in jazz circles beyond Erfurt. They play gigs in the Speicher, festivals and concerts. One such night out in the Speicher inspired this impression. At this point, Jeanette would like to thank Ralf "Zappa" Iben for her first ever jazz lesson, late one night: Zappa you are a jewel!
    Links: [Download "Let's connext" MP3 (4.2M) [Download "Let's connext" OGG (4.3M) [Download "Let's connext" FLAC(25M)
  4. One night at her hosts, when all was dark and quiet, the fog came in from the river, dressing the lanterns in white gossamer skirts. You could literally feel the chill in the air, even from within the safety and warmth of a cozy house. This piece of furniture music was too obvious to miss.
    Links: [Download "Novembernebel von der Gera" MP3 (4.6M) [Download "Novembernebel von der Gera" OGG (3.3M) [Download "Novembernebel von der Gera" FLAC (11M)
  5. As you may infer, after listening to this little rhapsody, Coco is a very special person, with charisma in abundance. She is a gentle and irrisistible woman and an artist of some standing.
    Links: [Download "Hand aus zartem Silber (für Coco)" MP3 (5.7M) [Download "Hand aus zartem Silber (für Coco)" OGG (4.6M) [Download "Hand aus zartem Silber (für Coco)" FLAC (17M)
  6. It is said that there is no light without shadow. For so different reasons, king Leir might have expressed similar sentiments at some point.
    Links: [Download "Overspill for Leir's sweetest" MP3 (3.0M) [Download "Overspill for Leir's sweetest" OGG (2.2M) [Download "Overspill for Leir's sweetest" FLAC (7.4M)
  7. No smoke, inspite of fire is one companion of the shadows, well-known to those who have experienced heartbreak of one kind or another.
    Links: [Download "Kein Rauch" MP3 (3.5M) [Download "Kein Rauch OGG " (2.9M) [Download "Kein Rauch FLAC " (12M)
  8. The title gives an introduction and the music says the rest.
    Links: [Download "When the heart tears" MP3 (7.7M) [Download "When the heart tears" OGG (5.8M) [Download "When the heart tears" FLAC (16M)