The Erfurt Sketches

The Erfurt sketches is a short compilation of piano jazz pieces, mostly written in Erfurt. These songs are rough around the edges and very raw. This is partly, because that way they best protray the original images and partly, because I don't have time, to do anything further with them right now.

These five pictures were made for one of my best friends, alas now lost to me.


  1. 1. No.11 Krämerbrücke
  2. 2. Beer and Brass
  3. 3. The Dancer
  4. 4. Smile :-)
  5. 5. Thinking Of You

1. No.11 Krämerbrücke

That is, where I wrote and played this piece for the first time. On the upper landing just above the pottery, in May of 2012. It captured for me the atmosphere of that place just at that moment. It was early evening, if I recall correctly and I could still hear the quiet buzz from downstairs. So this is not only a picture of my friend's house there, but also a "thank you for your kindness" to my dear host.
Links: [Download "No.11 Kr&aeumlmerbrücke" MP3 (3.4M)] [Download "No.11 Krämerbrücke" OGG (2.5M)]

2. Beer and Brass

This is a sketch of that jazz concert we heard on monday night. It was a good brass ensemble. the Nerli big Band (no guarantee for correct spelling). They used to have regular concerts there every second monday or once a month. Later that night, I sat down at the piano with the pianist and he taught me my first ever jazz lesson. Zappa, you are great! Naturally the first thing he showed me was the 2-5-1 blues scheme. Amazing what you can learn at half past one or so at night. :-)
Links: [Download "Beer and Brass" MP3 (3.0M)] [Download "Beer and Brass" OGG (2.2M)]

3. The Dancer

On sunday night, so one day before that memorable big band performance, we saw an interesting duo: a tap dancer and a percussionist/drummer. They were great! Absolutely fantastic! I think the dancer was called Dennis something. The drummer was Markus Horn, of that I'm sure. It was just dancing or occasinally playing a bit of percussion and the drummer taking it away.
Links: [Download "The Dancer" MP3 (3.7M)] [Download "the Dancer" OGG (2.9M)]

4. Smile :-)

Trying to take a snapshot of the general atmosphere of those few days and wanting to send out the message: try to give us a smile, that's the spirit. Might have worked, might not have. :-)
Links: [Download "Smile :-)" MP3 (3.8M)] [Download "Smile :-)" OGG (3.0M)]

5. Thinking Of You

This wasn't the original last in the sketches, that would have been Smile. but with things as they are, I decided to swap their position in the sequence. A moment of my feelings and of course a typical minor jazz harmony. Nonetheless truly meant and very suitable to the emotion. Not really dark and heavy, although there is a bit of that, but more reminiscent of the late night club, where you might have fun, but have other things in mind, other people you would like to share the experience with. Still, that's not really a sad thought, it might be a happy thought and there's wishing in that.
Links: [Download "Thinking Of Your" MP3 (4.6M)] [Download "Thinking Of You" OGG (3.3M)]