Crazy Drive

"Crazy Drive" is an album of electronic music by Jeanette C., released in August of 2020. Its genres span dubstep, drum&bass, electro-rock, early techno and various hybrids of many parts.


  1. Beautiful, excellent brithday Yoshimi
  2. Cerebral party
  3. Blood lust
  4. Go on (ft. Beccy Schaefer)
  5. Tristate
  6. Sex bomb
  7. 'Round the moon
  8. Feet of clay
  9. Regal Dance-8
  10. Prophetess on holiday
  11. Cloud castles
  12. Passing cars

Beautiful, excellent birthday Yoshimi

Beautiful, excellent birthday Yoshimi is Jeanette's present for Yoshimi's tenth birthday. Yoshimi is a powerful synthesizer, forked from ZynAddSubFx. Accordingly all sounds were created in Yoshimi. Muscailly it draws from some hiphop, synthpop, classical music and other odds and ends.
Links: [Download "Beautiful, excellent birthday Yoshimi" MP3 (5M)] [Download "Beautiful, excellent birthday Yoshimi" OGG (5.5M)]

Cerebral party

Cerebral party is as much as song, as therapy. :) The drop in this dubstep tune is based on MRI sounds. It was written for a friend who just had to endure an MRI and was not thrilled by the experience. I'm glad to say it amused her.
Links: [Download "Cerebral party" MP3 (3.6M)] [Download "Cerebral party" OGG (3.6M)]

Blood lust

Blood lust really makes no prisoners. Inspired by - perhaps even ripped off from - Cyberpunk 2077. Lots of distortion, brutal mixing and great sounds from Csound.
Links: [Download "Blood lust" MP3 (4.1M)] [Download "Blood lust" OGG (3.8M)]

Go on (ft. Beccy Schaefer)

Go on is a youthful, if not juvenile, rebel tune. A song that could not decide whether to be rock or electro. Lyrics full of cliche and energy: and overall fun! The greeat Beccy Schaefer lent her voice to this call to rise and made it come alive. thanks Beccy!
Links: [Download "Go on (ft. Beccy Schaefer)" MP3 (4.8M)] [Download "Go on (ft. Beccy Schaefer)" OGG (4.9M)]


Tristate is inspired by the heavy, beautifully synthetic world of The Covenant. As it is, without any vocals, one can hear a shadow of the later Jean-Michel Jarre as well.
Links: [Download "Tristate" MP3 (4.8M)] [Download "Tristate" OGG (5.0M)]

Sex bomb

Sex bomb is a pastiche of the early Lady Gaga, think of Poker Face and other Fame Monster tracks. Alas the vocals don't really fit the style, but then it's a one-woman show.
Links: [Download "Sex bomb" MP3 (3.0M)] [Download "Sex bomb" OGG (2.9M)]

'Round the moon

'Round the moon is a stomping ride entirely fueled by analogue sounds and made comfy by a touch of nostalgia.
Links: [Download "'Round the moon" MP3 (2.8M)] [Download "'Round the moon" OGG (3.0M)]

Feet of clay

Feet of clay is a misleading title, for the early 90s techno inspired song. It is too melodic for techno and too minimal for 90s dance, but it grooves!
Links: [Download "Feet of clay" MP3 (2.8M)] [Download "Feet of clay" OGG (2.8M)]

Regal Dance-8

Regal Dance-8 harkks back to the mid 90s, partly influenced by the rave scene of that time. It takes its name from the the drum machine freshly arrived at the studio, back in the fall of 2019.
Links: [Download "Regal Dance-8" MP3 (3.0M)] [Download "Regal Dance-8" OGG (3.3M)]

Prophetess on holiday

Prophetess on holiday began its life as a demo piece for a Sequential Prophet 12 soundbank (Jeanny's Genius poart 5) and now happily lives as a lively, adventurous song with an 80s shine and the fresh scent of a 00s production.
Links: [Download "Prophetess on holiday" MP3 (4.2M)] [Download "Prophetess on holiday" OGG (4.2M)]

Cloud castles

Cloud castle marks another forray into the terrain of drum&bass, as held high by the likes of Dimension, Subfocus Wilkinson or Culture shock, add to that an quantum of drama.
Links: [Download "Cloud castles" MP3 (4.0M)] [Download "Cloud castles" OGG (4.0M)]

Passing cars

Passing cars is the quiet, somewhat wistful conclusion. Its influences are too obscure and convoluted. Whatever they were, the song ended up having a grane of Jean-Michel Jarre and Explosions in the sky
Links: [Download "Passing cars" MP3 (4.3M)] [Download "Passing cars" OGG (4.4M)]

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