Audierotic Synthspiration

Audierotic Synthspiration is an EP by Jeanette C. featuring electronic music, from danceable tunes to more relaxed synthwave. This album involved a lot of hardware instruments, from modern to vintage and some software as well. As much as it is about the synthesizers it is also about enjoyable tunes that might stay with you.

  1. [Download "Indian Summer" OGG] [Download "Indian Summer" MP3] This has nothing to do with autumn in Canada and everything with Asia. :) heavy electro beats driving an almost-zitar and a merely-oboe. A showcase for the Jeanny's Genius soundset for the Dave Smith Instruments / Sequential Prophet 12.
  2. [Download "Chapeau D'Empereur" OGG] [Download "Chapeau D'Empereur" MP3] A blend of EDM, trance and dubstep. All the dubstep basses are Prophet 12 patches from the Jeanny's Genius bank 4.
  3. [Download "Cooking Meth" OGG] [Download "Cooking Meth" MP3 No drugs were involved, synthesizers may have been abused. :) Question: is it possible to make a good, modern tune with vintage instruments? Answer: yes! Thank you Q. for not only letting me at your instruments, but also for being my engineer! For those who care: Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH - ARP 2600 clone), ARP Odyssey (model 2813), Behringer Model D (Moog Minimoog copy), Godwin String Ensemble, ARP/Eminent Solina, DSI/Sequential Mopho, Moog Sub37, Korg Volca Beats and real rotor toms.
  4. [Download "A song about Superbooth" OGG] [Download "A song about Superbooth" MP3] A song inspired by a visit to Superbooth 2018, entirely recorded with the Arturia MiniBrute. And here's a shout out to Gaz Williams who provided me with a lovely sample and allowed me to use it in this funny way. You can read the lyrics to "A song about Superboot" as well. there are links to all mentioned companies, instruments and people.
  5. [Download "Enantiomorphic" OGG] [Download "Enantiomorphic" MP3] A slightly somber surfing on the synthwave, inspired by the likes of Tangerine Dream. It features the Arturia MiniBrute and the Make Noise 0-Coast, they might be considered some kind of enantiomorphs.
  6. [Download "Ocean sky" OGG] [Download "Ocean sky" MP3] A fluid stream between trance and Drum & Bass, conforming to neither and borrowing from both. Lush textures, hard basses and a driving beat.

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